Des pensées de Jacob Restall, gagnant de l’étape #1 (en anglais)

Jacob Restall on his win at the June 10 Mardis Cyclistes stage #1

Jacob Restall on his win at the June 10 Mardis Cyclistes

Yes a lot of my Family, friends and sponsors were very happy with the result, especially my club.  We will definitely be back on the 17th to race; I can't wait to wear the yellow jersey!

I am originally from Townsville in North Queensland, Australia and am currently living on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland. I am 19 years old on my first journey overseas riding my bike. I ride for a team back home in Australia called CharterMason Giant Racing Team and was offered an opportunity to travel over to Canada and feature as a guest rider for team NCCH. I have only been in Canada for two weeks and have spent most of my time racing in Quebec. I was scheduled to race Grand Prix de Saguenay, however a crash before Stage 1 left me on the sideline for the tour and unable to compete. 

My win at Mardis Lachine would have to be one of my best results as it was my first race overseas and against such a class field. To be competing against riders like Hugo Houle and Simon Lambert-Lemay is such a huge honour. 

Short term objectives for my career as a cyclist would definitely be coming back to North America to race; the level of racing here is great along with the people. I would also like to see myself race over in Europe within the next year. As for long term objectives, my goal is to get to the top; to race as a professional cyclist for a World Tour Team. Being given opportunities to race against them here in Quebec and succeeding brings me one step closer to turning my dream into reality. 
When I'm not riding my bike I study online for a Diploma in Accounting, I am also a first year apprentice as a vehicle mechanic with my Dad's business. 

Journeys and results such as these are never possible without the help of everyone around me. My family and friends are very supportive especially my Dad as he rides as well, which makes it a lot easier pursue my dream. My team back in Australia have been a great help in getting my overseas but I wouldn't be able to succeed without the help from my team mates and support from my sponsors and the staff of both NCCH and CharterMason Giant Racing Team.

"What a race! Such an amazing atmosphere. One of the best presented races I have ever been to. The die hard fans, organisers and supporters really made the race a great experience. Coming from Australia,  Mardis Lachine was a very high level race. Something I don't often get back home. Was great to line up against such big name riders. And to get the win made it a very special moment. I would love to come back and race at your event again. I loved it and it was really enjoyable. Thank you very much for your support and inviting us to race, you made us all feel very welcome and we are very appreciative."
Jacob Restall
Twitter: @jacobrestall

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